We have had the opportunity to have our prototype T-34C model flown by some of the best RC pilots in the scale modeling community. Here is what they have to say about flying our Turbo Mentor. Bernie Boland and Bob Frey flew demonstration flights at the US Scale Masters Championship and Dino Di Giorgio flew the T-34C at the Warbirds over the Rockies event.

Bernie Boland:
Let me share you the flying experience I had with the Scale Pursuit Models’ T-34C.
The plane, after a close look was, without question, set up nicely. The important things like engine thrust, wing incidence, hinge points, CG, and over all quality of the build was done world class. For the record, I had just met Wade. He looked at his plane then asked me to fly a demo at the US Scale Masters final in front of 1,000 plus people so I had to check out the bird.

 Flight notes:  First thing I did was start the Revolution 50 engine on the first flip. This was a great start, no pun intended. After a good run up, I deemed the bird ready to fly. If you have watched the video you will understand the rest. The T-34C taxied great even with the big cross wind (90 degree cross wind 12 to 18 knots). I turned on the center line and pushed the throttle up. First thing I liked is it went down the center of the runway and showed me it had lots of power. I pulled back little on the elevator and I was airborne.  A few inches off the ground I hit the retract stick and the look of the gear doors coming down first just like the real bird gave me the goose bumps. I had just done a perfect take off with a plane I had never flown and it was so easy and in front of a lot of people.
The rest of the flight was a complete joy. The bird flies like a pattern plane. The 8 point role in the video was done with very little input. First, I dove for some extra speed followed by an easy pull to about 25 degrees. The first point held with no rudder, for the second point I applied a little top rudder and noticed the plane had virtually no rudder coupling to roll. The next points were the same, I could have held them as long as I wanted to. After the 8 point, I pulled into a ½ Cuban eight and the plane tracked like it was on a rail. Once on the 45 down line, I stick pounded 2 more ¼ rolls back to right side up. The rolling habits are great on this plane.

Now was the time to see what I had in the T-34C. After many low passes consisting of inverted, rolling or just fast and cool I knew we needed to land. Knowing I need to show the crowd what this T-34C could do, I did a fast fly by pulling up and dropping the wheels like all fire burning military birds do. Once on down wind, I dropped ½ the flap on the JR 9303 and the T-34C just slowed down (a welcome response as I had prepared for lots of pitch changes). I turned a combined base-final and dropped the rest of the flaps during the turn. The T-34C just put on the brakes and pointed itself at the runway like it had done it 1,000 times before. The touch down was great. I held a little back stick and she set on the main gear like a dream. If you watch the video you will see on the roll out after landing I pulled back and the nose came up. I believe I could have landed the T-34C at a lot slower speed yet. Notice how straight she ran down the runway after landing.
For those who do not know me I am an average flier living Mesa AZ. Wade’s bird will make anyone who can fly a 40 size T-34 ARF trainer look like a pro as it flies just like one and looks great! 
Bernie Boland, Mesa AZ.

Bernie may consider himself an average flyer, but he is a humble guy.  His accomplishments as a pilot are significant and include 1st place finishes in numerous US Scale Masters contests and top finishes in pattern contests and recent acrobatic events such as IMAC and TAS.  Truthfully, I take great care in selecting who I hand my plane over to, especially in front of a big crowd and Bernie was highly recommended.  I saw Bernie fly at this event (US Scale Masters Championships) so I knew he was a great "stick".  He flew Bill Ensley's drop dead gorgeous Stinson to 1st place in Team Scale (not quite average).  Bernie has also taught over 150 pilots to fly RC, including the likes of Kent Walters and probably future acrobatic champions. 

Bob Frey:
At the conclusion of the 2007 US Scale Masters Championships at Hemet, California I had the pleasure of flying the prototype Scale Pursuit Models’ T-34C. The model handled beautifully through about all the maneuvers I could think of that were prototypical for the full size aircraft. Of particular note are the gentle characteristics around the ground. Taxiing, take off and landing were all delightful despite moderate wind conditions. The Revolution 50cc engine provided very adequate power for the model and it handled the vertical portions of loops and immelmanns at full power quite well. Only a tad over half throttle was needed for cruise. I particularly liked the way the T-34C did nice slow rolls and precision point rolls as well.

Wade Kloos of Scale Pursuit Models spent a good deal of time explaining the new and unique construction techniques incorporated into these new models. From what I learned, building one of these models should be very inexpensive, fast and simple, and result in a very good performing, extremely durable model.

The prototype does have scale fowler flaps. As a personal preference, I would build the T-34C with conventionally hinged flaps. It cuts down on weight and complication, and generally more flap angle can be obtained that way. The Fowler flaps slow the model nicely for landing however, and if you are a stickler for exact scale they’ll work fine.  I wish Scale Pursuit Models good fortune with this innovative and exciting new line of scale models.  
Bob Frey,One Eighth Air Force, Phoenix, Arizona

Bob has been doing scale modeling since 1975 and placed in the top 10 at US Scale Masters Regional and Champoinship Contests as well as Top Gun.  He has also served as scale judge at US Scale Masters Contests.  If you've been into scale for a while then you know who Bob Frey is and what he has contributed to the scale modeling community - truely one of the "Greats" in the hobby.

Dino Di Giorgio:
Hello scale model enthusiast!

We are surrounded by nice models all around us in today’s market place, however, while attending the 4th annual Warbirds over the Rockies event, I noticed from a distance a model that stood out from the crowd. While it might have stood out because it is one of my most favorite aircraft of all time, or, was it really that different? It really was that different. The closer you came, the better it looked. Scale Pursuit Models’ T-34C is a stunning re-creation of the full-scale counterpart. Shortly after I was introduced to Wade, he asked if I would take the Turbo Mentor for a few laps. The T-34C had great ground handling and the take-off used about 10 degrees flaps and they were very effective. The model flew on rails. It felt like just the right weight for its size. The controls were smooth and responsive. Landing approach is similar to the full-scale T-34 (which I have time in) and full flaps did not pitch the nose up more than normal. While using full flap, just keep some power on to keep the air flowing over the controls for good reaction and response. The T-34C is one of those unique models that you can never stop looking at!
Dino Di Giorgio, Chester, NJ.

Dino probably does not need an introduction as he has been in the scale modeling community for a long time and has obtained considerable accolades such as his remarkable four Top Gun victories.  Anybody who can routinely fly a B-17 on one wheel touch and goes is more than your average pilot- he is a scale modeling icon.


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