How can I repair crash damage?

Depending on the severity of the crash you have several options.  For minor surface damage, a scraped wing tip for example, you can cut away the damaged skin and order a replacement wing tip from us (something you can’t do with expensive composite kits).  For more serious crashes where some foam damage occurs it is possible to delaminate the skins from the foam with about 10 lbs. of pull force.   This provides access to repair the foam (using Goop or Zap-A-Gap glues provides a strong repair joint).  The foam repair doesn’t have to be pretty as a fresh skin will cover up the repair – this saves you time.  The damaged skin can be partially cut away and removed then the foam area can be covered with an overlapping piece of scrap polycarbonate (add rivets for a scale looking repair job) or remove the damaged skin entirely and replace it with a new skin available from us.

We will be documenting the repair process soon. We will purposefully crash one of our T-34Cs to illustrate the airframe's durability and describe how to repair the crash damage. We expect to video this crash event and photo document the repair so stay tuned!


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