Scale Pursuit Models, Inc. (SPM) was formed in 2005.  We are a Colorado-based company and all of our design and manufacturing occurs in the USA.  Scale Pursuit Models is owned and operated by Wade and Emily Kloos.  Although SPM is relatively new, this is not Wade’s first kit business.  During the late 1990’s, Wade created Durable Aircraft Models (DAM), a company dedicated to manufacturing Power Slope Scale (PSS) gliders.  To learn more about Durable Aircraft Models, click here

In 2000, we chose to shut down DAM to focus our efforts on developing our vision for an improved model airplane.  A great deal was learned from our glider business – what worked and what did not work.  Beyond our gliders, we saw an opportunity to introduce a model construction method that offered significant benefits to the modeling community.  We spent many years testing and perfecting our concept until we reached what we believed is a truly unique construction method that advances the hobby.   Significant investment was needed to bring this vision to market, and as such, we refocused our target market from glider pilots to modelers flying powered, giant scale models.

Scale modeling is our passion.  We strive to incorporate as much scale accuracy as possible in our scale models.  We research 3-views, and use hundreds of photos of the full-size aircraft to create our tooling. We are eager to hear your feedback on our designs, construction method and our model's finished appearence. Let us know what you like and do not like. We are commited to producing only top quality products and providing responsive customer service.

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